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Current Issue:December 2013 Volume 8 Number 3

Paper title: Who Visits Thailand and Why? An Econometric Analysis of Tourist Arrivals by Country of Origin

Author: Alan J. Webb and Chuleeporn Chotithamwattana

Paper title: Modelling and Forecasting Oslo Exchange Index Volatility

Author: Romora Edward Sitorus

Paper title: Some Socioeconomic Attributes of the Young Drinking Population of Dhaka City

Author: A. F. M. Ataur Rahman and Fariha Sanam Sharif

Paper title: The News Effect and Asset Pricing in the Taiwan Stock Market

Author: Yu-Chen Wei, Yang-Cheng Lu and Hsiao-Ting Lin

Paper title: What Makes Profits of Low-Technology SMEs Grow?

Author: Gaku Funabashi

Paper title: Is CSR Important to Malaysian Managers?

Author: Michael Segon and Chris Booth

Paper title: The Role of Relationship Capital in Malaysian Public Sector Collaboration Outcomes

Author: Shila Devi Ramadass, Murali Sambasivan and John Antony Xavier

Paper title: Mobile Information Services Marketing: An Assessment of Needs, Quality and Satisfaction

Author: Shahriar Akter, Fumiyo Kondo and Umme Hani

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